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Post Surgery Pain and Scar Treatments

When you get surgery, your nerves are cut and the circulation in that area is blocked.  That is why you have pain, you have a lack of circulation.  Acupuncture works by restoring regular circulation, helping dissolve scar tissue and helping your nerves function normally.

When nerves are damaged or cut, they have to restore normal function.  When your nerves are not working properly, you get nerve pain.  This is usually felt as a stabbing or stinging sensation.  It can feel like someone is stabbing you with needles or a bee is stinging you.  This is the nerve trying to restore normal circulation and blood flow.

Acupuncture is very effective to treat scars post surgery.  I would wait at least a month and make sure you ask your doctor if that is right for you.  I have treated many surgery scars and found good results.

Sometimes you have raised scars and keloids after surgery.  A scar is there because there is no circulation.  Your body cannot heal it because it cannot get blood flow in that area.  The nutrients to heal you are in the blood.

There are “scar treatments” that entail putting the needles around the scar.  They are not put in the incision spot, but around it.

Often you can find relief within an hour.  The acupuncture relaxes all the tissue that gets knotted up in surgery.  Surgery is very hard on your body.  All the nerves need to be able to function normally again and the skin needs to be able to flatten out and heal properly.

  Notice the needles are in a ring around the scar.  This pulls the energy and blood flow into the scar so your body can break it down.

This image is from a website I found that explains in even more detail how scars are treated with acupuncture: www.patriciapilot.com/santa-barbara-microcurrent-scar-removal

I have treated many scars from large to small and had great results.  I have also treated diabetic neuropathy with great results.