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Ear Acupuncture For Weight Loss

Ear acupuncture is called Auricular acupuncture.  The ear is a microcosm of your whole body.  That means that you can treat anything by treating the ear points.  The map of acupuncture points on the ear shows an inverted fetus.  I keep an ear acupuncture chart on my wall and everyone asks me why there is a baby on the ear…

Some acupuncturists use ear acupuncture to treat appetite.  Some people use ear stapling.  This is not really a Chinese medicine thing and I do not personally know acupuncturists who do this.  I do not agree with putting staples in people’s ears.  I use ear pellets.  The pellets are little balls that are on a small piece of tape.  They can be left on the ear and pressed as needed.

Ear stapling is not taught in acupuncture schools, to my knowledge.  I do not recommend it and do not do it.  Regular acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs can help you lose weight with no gimmicks.

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