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Acupuncture Treats Stress

Most people are very surprised by how effective acupuncture and Chinese herbs are to treat stress.  In Chinese medicine, your liver energy becomes stagnant when you suffer from too much stress.  The stagnation just gets worse over time and it has to be relieved with acupuncture or herbs.

Liver Qi stagnation can also cause headaches and migraines.  Often people who suffer from headaches have them worse during times of stress.  The stress affects the liver energy and the energy is blocked.  A blockage of energy causes PAIN.  You have to keep circulation going to stay pain free.

Liver 3 is the most commonly used point in most acupuncture practices.  That is because it helps to de-stress and relax people.  Everyone needs to de-stress.

  That is Liver 3.

Another popular remedy for stress is Chinese herbs for your liver energy.  These herbs help to relieve stress.  Stress will just build up in your body and get worse over time.  These herbs can help relieve stress that you have had since childhood.  They are also used to treat migraines.  Migraines are often caused by what we call “liver Qi Stagnation”.

Most people feel stress relief the first time they get acupuncture.  You will need to get a series of treatments to treat the underlying cause of stress, since you are continually exposed to it.