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Acupuncture Makes Happy Babies


Acupuncturists have an expression to describe the babies of women who have had acupuncture when pregnant.  They are called “Acupuncture Babies”.

Acupuncture babies are very calm.  You can always spot them in a room full of babies.  Even if you have not had acupuncture until the final two months of your pregnancy, you can still receive an effect.  The theory is that your baby receives the same calming acupuncture that you do.

I usually have my pregnant patients sit up on a chair and prop up their feet on a chair in front of them.  They are usually not comfortable lying on a massage table on their backs.

Something as simple as treating stress with Liver 3 can have profound effects on mother and baby.

  That is Liver 3.  It is between the first and second toes.

You can use acupuncture to get pregnant and also to stay pregnant.  You can then use acupuncture in your final trimester to have a calm baby.

Moxibustion can also be used to turn a baby in a breech position.  This is used a lot in China, but it is not well known in America.  If you are at a hospital, they would not allow you to do this on the premises.

Moxa is used on Bladder 67, which is a point on the little toe.  Here is a little info from a search http://www.pregnancy.com.au/birth-choices/breech-birth/moxibustion-for-breech-presentation.shtml

Make sure to only see an acupuncturist who has a degree in Chinese medicine!  Other practitioners, like chiropractors, often are legally allowed to do acupuncture.

The problem is, they have only a little training.  A licensed acupuncturist is someone who has a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine.  This is now a 4 year degree.

Other practitioners can do acupuncture with just 100 hours or so of training.  Every state has different laws on this.  The reason I bring this up is that someone who has a degree in Chinese medicine will give you the best care possible and will know which acupuncture points are CONTRAINDICATED in pregnancy.  Do not take a chance and see someone who does not have a Master’s Degree.