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Acupuncture For Pain Relief

The most common ailment an acupuncturist sees is someone who has chronic pain and has tried everything else. An an acupuncturist, I am always at the end of the road. I even had one patient tell me that she had gotten her affairs in order before she came to me because her migraines were so bad that she was going to kill herself. It made me very sad to hear this. You will be glad to know that in a very short period of time she had relief from her migraines. She had suffered from them since she was 5 years old.

In Chinese Medicine, pain is caused by a Blockage. If you do not have a blockage, you do not have pain. Your acupuncturist will decide what has caused the blockage. We use specific acupuncture points that open up the circulation in the affected area and we also can use acupuncture on the actual area that hurts, to relieve muscle spasms.

Acute injury is not typically treated by doing acupuncture on the affected area. Your body sends a lot of inflammatory chemicals into an area that is injured and to put needles in that can pull too much energy into that area. We can, however, do the opposite site of the injury.

For example, if your left knee was just injured and there is a lot of fluid accumulation in that area, we could do the opposite knee and achieve a good effect. You would also want to take Chinese herbal medicine to treat the internal pooling of blood and fluids that often slows down healing.

Your body has to resolve all that stagnant fluid and damaged tissue. Bromelain, which is an enzyme derived from pineapples, can be used to relieve inflammation. I often combine bromelain with acupuncture and Chinese herbs for a faster recovery.