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Acupuncture For Allergies And Colds and Flu

Acupuncture can boost the immune system quickly.  There are specific points that can be used to help affect allergies and cold and flu.  There is also an acupuncture point, Stomach 40, that is known as the phlegm point.  This point will help your body get rid of excess mucus.  I especially like to use it when someone has a cold or flu.  It helps to break down the mucus building up in the lungs so the body can get rid of it.

Acupuncture points that are used to strengthen the immune response are:

Large Intestine 4, 11

Stomach 36 and 40

All acupuncture points can strengthen the immune system.  They regulate the body and improve circulation.  This can help the immune system.

Large Intestine Meridian:

  Notice Large Intestine 4 on the hand.  This is also used for headaches.  It is used for surgery in China.  It is a very strong point.

Large Intestine 11 is by the elbow.  This point is used for the immune system, but it also can be used for constipation.  It regulates the large intestine and you will often see results in an hour…


The stomach meridian:

  Stomach 36 is one of the most commonly used points on the body.  It is just below the knee.  It can improve energy levels, digestion and immunity.  It is one of the most rejuvenating points on the body.

You can see Stomach 40 (abbreviation is ST 40) in the middle of the calf.  That is the phlegm point.  This point is amazing to help allergies and colds and flu.  Often, after the acupuncture treatment is over, you will start coughing.  That is your body trying to resolve the phlegm in your lungs.  It breaks it up.  Although, there are a lot of effective herbal remedies for allergies that also help with that.