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Acupuncture and Libido

Libido problems are often caused by a kidney deficiency.  They can also be caused by liver Qi stagnation.  You will need a diagnosis.

If you have libido problems, please see an acupuncturist.  These types of problems are usually caused by an underlying imbalance and can be treated.  I have a lot of success with this in my practice.

You might try goji berries for libido.  I discovered their magical powers inadvertently.  They nourish the kidney and liver energy in Chinese Medicine theory.  My favorite brand is Heaven Mountain, Bija.

I tried about 9 brands and found this to be the juiciest and tastiest berries I found.  You can take about a quarter to a half cup per day.  This is in addition to seeing an acupuncturist, of course.

I have also found American ginseng to be extremely effective for libido in people over 40.  It helps to replace what you lose as you age.  I just take one capsule in the morning.  I use the American ginseng extract, so it is 3 times as strong as the regular American ginseng.

  Goji Berries