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Acupuncture and Lasik Dry Eye

I got Lasik surgery in 2001.  I was as blind as a bat, three times legally blind, to be precise.  I had heard that you would have dry eyes after the surgery and I was determined to fix it with acupuncture.  I did a lot of research and determined that a point by the eyes, Gall Bladder 1, could be used to remove “superficial visual obstructions”.

About 5 days after surgery, when I thought the dry eye was going to make me insane, I used the acupuncture points for eye problems.  Within a few minutes I felt blessed relief!  My eyes started to water normally.  I had to treat myself about 4 times to totally restore normal tear function.  I was very grateful to be an acupuncturist.

When you get eye surgery, your cornea is cut.  When your eye has cuts made in it, this cuts off the nerves that regulate the normal eye function Acupuncture restores normal nerve function.

If you have a blockage, acupuncture fixes that.  Acupuncture increases circulation and normal nerve and blood flow.  It is very basic, but when you restore normal body function, your body heals itself.

If you know anyone who gets eye surgery and suffers from dry eye, you might want to tell them about acupuncture.

  You can see Gall Bladder 1, or GB1, in this picture.  It is just outside of the orbital ridge and is used for eye problems.


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