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Acupuncture And Forehead Wrinkles


Acupuncture and face lifts, it is really not about lifting the face, it is about ironing out the wrinkles.  Acupuncture can quickly relax the tight muscles on your face and flatten out your skin.


Acupuncture relaxes tight muscles.  That is how it treats pain, that is how it treats wrinkles.


You do not need Botox!


There can be devastating side effects to some procedures. I was doing some research and found this:  http://www.realself.com/review/think-long-and-hard-before-getting-botox-it-ruined-face


Botox paralyzes the muscles, acupuncture RELAXES the muscles.  It is a much longer effect.  In fact, you can often get a few acupuncture sessions and that will last you a year.  Over time, continued facial expressions will tighten up the muscles again.  All you have to do is get acupuncture again.


Acupuncture, by increasing circulation, can help improve collagen formation.  Improving circulation is how acupuncture works.


When you have pain, acupuncture relaxes the muscles and improves blood flow so the body can heal itself.


It is very easy to relax your facial muscles and quickly improve your appearance.  You will also get a regular acupuncture treatment at the same time, so it is a bonus.  I often do a few needles on my patients faces to relax their muscles.




  This picture is taken from a Botox site.  You can get the same results with acupuncture.  You do not need injections, just muscle relaxation.