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Acupuncture And Digestion

Acupuncture can strengthen and regulate your digestion.  There are points on the body, such as Stomach 36, that actually make your digestion stronger and regulate your stomach and intestines.  Stomach 36 is one of the most commonly used acupuncture points because it does so many things.  The point is located just beneath your knee:

  As you can see, the stomach meridian starts on your head, which is actually not shown on this chart, and goes down to your feet.

All acupuncture meridians, other than the Ren and Du meridians are bi-lateral.  That is, you have the meridians on both sides of your body and both sides are typically treated at the same time, this helps to balance you out.

Some methods of acupuncture use certain points in combination that do specific things, such as opening the extraordinary meridians.  But, you can have an entire acupuncture practice using points bilaterally.

Chinese herbs are used daily to improve digestion and energy levels.  Chinese herbs such as ginseng and atractylodes strengthen digestion.  You only need a little ginseng.  When you combine herbs into an herbal formula, it is much more effective than taking a single herb.

In Chinese medicine theory, if you do not have good digestion, you will not have good energy.  If you do not have good energy, you will not be healthy and you will not get well from whatever is ailing you.  That is why why we always treat the digestion and energy level.  If your energy were good, you would not likely have gotten sick.  Your body would have resolved the problem.


  ST 36 is Stomach 36.  It is just below the knee.  Most patients get this point treated.  It improves energy levels and the immune system as well as digestion.


ST 40 is Stomach 40.  This is called the “phlegm point“.  It is used to get rid of excess mucus, especially during colds or flu.  (8 cun is a measurement used to find the points on the body).  Cun is measured with your hands.

  This is the stomach meridian on your head.  It starts under the eye and goes all the way down to your feet.  The points by the eye can be used to treat eye diseases.