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Acupuncture and Back Pain

In Chinese Medicine, back pain can be caused by a Kidney deficiency.  This is the kidney Energy, not the actual organ.  You can take Chinese herbs and get acupuncture to treat this.

Often, low back pain is caused by muscle spasms.  Your back gets very tight and acupuncture relaxes the muscles to make the pain go away.  There are acupuncture points on the low back that relax your paraspinous muscles.

  This is the Bladder meridian.  Points on the bladder and kidney meridians affect your back.  They open up the meridians that affect back pain.  You can do acupuncture on Kidney 7, for example, and relieve back pain with that point alone.  If you have super tight muscles though, you might want to get acupuncture on your back.  You will typically feel relief with one treatment, but you will need several treatments to relieve all the pain.

I also like to treat the “jiaji” points.  These points are about an inch from the spine and open up circulation in your back.  If you have an underlying kidney deficiency, which is common, I use moxa spray.  Moxibustion is an herb called Mugwort.  This herb is rolled into a cigar shape and lit.  It can be passed over the back to help heat it up and treat your kidney energy.

I do not like smoke, so I use moxa spray.  I put the needles in and use a far infrared lamp to heat the lower back.  I use my far infrared lamp for any kind of pain.  I then spray the moxa spray on the back and heat it with the lamp.

It takes about a month to treat a kidney deficiency.  I also recommend cordyceps as well as other Chinese herbal tonics to improve energy levels.

Mugwort (moxa) is usually burned.  You can get smokeless moxa, but it still has a smell.  Fresh mugwort moxa can smell like marijuana!  If you are around an acupuncturist and smell something weird, know that it is probably Mugwort.  When I first got acupuncture in 1996, I thought my acupuncturist must be smoking in his office.