Back Pain – How to Stop Back Pain Quickly Using Natural Remedies

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As an acupuncturist, I have treated hundreds of patients who have back pain.  I use herbs, herbal plasters and a variety of techniques to heal back pain in my office. Most people do not have access to an acupuncturist.  There are several common causes of back pain and dozens of natural remedies to choose from. […] more

Acupuncture For Anxiety

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Acupuncture For Anxiety Few people know how effective acupuncture can be for anxiety.  Anxiety is caused by a heart energy deficiency in Chinese medicine.  When the heart energy is out of balance, it is impossible to not be anxious.  There is no separation of the emotions from the internal organs in Chinese Medicine. Many acupuncture […] more

Acupuncture and Weight Loss

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To understand how acupuncture can help you lose weight, you need to understand how acupuncture works.  Acupuncture works by improving the function of your body. Acupuncture improves digestion and energy levels.  We strengthen the metabolism via making the spleen and kidney energy stronger.  Most people feel better than they have in years after about a […] more

Acupuncture Treats Stress

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Most people are very surprised by how effective acupuncture and Chinese herbs are to treat stress.  In Chinese medicine, your liver energy becomes stagnant when you suffer from too much stress.  The stagnation just gets worse over time and it has to be relieved with acupuncture or herbs. Liver Qi stagnation can also cause headaches […] more

Acupuncture For Hot Flashes

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Hot flashes are caused by a kidney yin deficiency in Chinese medicine theory.  As you age, your kidney energy naturally declines.  You have kidney yin and kidney yang.  The yang is the hot energy and the yin is the cool energy.  When your yin is too weak, you get too hot and get hot flashes […] more

Acupuncture And Digestion

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Acupuncture can strengthen and regulate your digestion.  There are points on the body, such as Stomach 36, that actually make your digestion stronger and regulate your stomach and intestines.  Stomach 36 is one of the most commonly used acupuncture points because it does so many things.  The point is located just beneath your knee:   […] more

Acupuncture needles

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  Acupuncture does not usually hurt.  Sometimes it does.  If you have a muscle that is cramping, it can hurt a little to put a needle in it.  I usually tell people that they will not like me today, but they will like me tomorrow, because they will feel a lot better. Acupuncture needles are […] more

Acupuncture and Insomnia


Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can effectively treat insomnia.  Insomnia has a cause.  There is something in your body that is out of balance that causes you to lose sleep. There are dozens of effective natural sleep aids, including acupressure.  I tell you how to use acupressure and other sleep aids in my new book: Typically, […] more

Acupuncture and Depression


  Depression can be caused by so many things.  A thyroid deficiency is a common cause of depression. This is one of the most common causes of depression, in my experience.  A low thyroid can cause depression very quickly and easily. Please see an acupuncturist if you are depressed.  There are many energetic imbalances in […] more

Acupuncture and Libido

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Libido problems are often caused by a kidney deficiency.  They can also be caused by liver Qi stagnation.  You will need a diagnosis. If you have libido problems, please see an acupuncturist.  These types of problems are usually caused by an underlying imbalance and can be treated.  I have a lot of success with this […] more

Acupuncture and Back Pain


In Chinese Medicine, back pain can be caused by a Kidney deficiency.  This is the kidney Energy, not the actual organ.  You can take Chinese herbs and get acupuncture to treat this. Often, low back pain is caused by muscle spasms.  Your back gets very tight and acupuncture relaxes the muscles to make the pain […] more

Auricular Acupuncture

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Auricular Acupuncture is acupuncture that is done on the ear.  Your ear is a “microcosm” of your body.  That means your entire body can be treated from your ear.  Your ear, being close to your brain, is very neurologically active.  Ear acupuncture is often used to help people get off drugs.  The acupuncture is done […] more

Acupuncture Facelifts


  Wrinkles are caused by tight muscles and saggy skin.  Tight muscles that are tight because they are tense can cause the deep wrinkles that make you look like you are angry all the time.  Acupuncture can make those muscles relax and iron out your face. Once you make a facial expression on a regular […] more

Acupuncture and Lasik Dry Eye


I got Lasik surgery in 2001.  I was as blind as a bat, three times legally blind, to be precise.  I had heard that you would have dry eyes after the surgery and I was determined to fix it with acupuncture.  I did a lot of research and determined that a point by the eyes, […] more

What Is Cupping?


  Cupping is therapy that is used, usually on the back and neck, to relieve pain.  The cups create a suction when placed on the skin.   The Chinese theory for cupping is that it increases circulation and resolves blood stasis.  Blood stasis is how Chinese medicine explains pain.  The energy and blood get stuck. […] more

Moxa — Moxibustion


Moxibustion is the burning of Moxa.  Moxa is an herb called mugwort.  Mugwort is rolled into cigar shapes.  There are other types of moxa.   In this image on the left you can see smokeless moxa, in the middle are little bits of moxa that can be put on the end of the needle.  On […] more

How Does Acupuncture Work?

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  In a nutshell, acupuncture works to balance the body and restore normal and healthy function.  It treats the root cause of a disease.  For example, for digestive issues, we treat your stomach.  This regulates your stomach and restores normal stomach function. For urinary issues, we treat your kidneys.  We can make your kidney energy […] more

Acupuncture For Allergies And Colds and Flu

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Acupuncture can boost the immune system quickly.  There are specific points that can be used to help affect allergies and cold and flu.  There is also an acupuncture point, Stomach 40, that is known as the phlegm point.  This point will help your body get rid of excess mucus.  I especially like to use it […] more

Acupuncture For Sciatica


Acupuncture can be very effective for sciatica.  Sciatic can be caused by tight muscles in the lower back or hip pressing on nerves.  The nerves can get inflamed over time from being irritated.  Once the nerves are inflamed, you need to address the inflammation with herbs and supplements as well as the acupuncture. Lower back […] more

Post Surgery Pain and Scar Treatments

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When you get surgery, your nerves are cut and the circulation in that area is blocked.  That is why you have pain, you have a lack of circulation.  Acupuncture works by restoring regular circulation, helping dissolve scar tissue and helping your nerves function normally. When nerves are damaged or cut, they have to restore normal […] more

Acupuncture For Pain Relief

The most common ailment an acupuncturist sees is someone who has chronic pain and has tried everything else. An an acupuncturist, I am always at the end of the road. I even had one patient tell me that she had gotten her affairs in order before she came to me because her migraines were so […] more

Acupuncture For Fertility

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Acupuncture can be very effective to improve fertility.  Acupuncture restores the normal function of the whole body.  Your body knows what health is, you just have to help it out. Infertility can be caused by many things.  The most common causes of infertility in Chinese medicine are kidney weakness, liver energy stagnation and stagnation in […] more

Acupuncture Makes Happy Babies

Acupuncturists have an expression to describe the babies of women who have had acupuncture when pregnant.  They are called “Acupuncture Babies”. Acupuncture babies are very calm.  You can always spot them in a room full of babies.  Even if you have not had acupuncture until the final two months of your pregnancy, you can still […] more

Migraine Headaches And Acupuncture

  Migraine headaches are awful.  Of all the ailments I treat, migraines are the most devastating.  Migraine headaches are usually caused by tight muscles and stress.  It usually takes a few months to completely get rid of migraine headaches, but I have a lot of success.  The hardest part is convincing people to continue treatment. […] more

Ear Acupuncture For Weight Loss

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Ear acupuncture is called Auricular acupuncture.  The ear is a microcosm of your whole body.  That means that you can treat anything by treating the ear points.  The map of acupuncture points on the ear shows an inverted fetus.  I keep an ear acupuncture chart on my wall and everyone asks me why there is […] more

Acupuncture For Weight Loss

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  Most people are not aware of how effective acupuncture can be to improve energy levels and metabolism.  I have had patients who were eating well and exercising and still not losing weight.  After one month of acupuncture treatments, they lost 10 pounds. Acupuncture improves digestion and metabolism.  Your metabolism is determined by your overall […] more

How To Do Acupressure

Acupressure is using the same points with manual pressure that are used with acupuncture.  Acupressure can be very effective. It is important to accurately find your points.  Your acupuncturist can help you locate the points.  I sometimes just write on my patients to show where the points are if they are going to use them […] more

Why Do We Look At Your Tongue?

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When you get acupuncture, your acupuncturist will look at your tongue.  You might be self conscious of this, you do not need to be.  We are not looking at it to show the quality of your dental hygiene. When we look at your tongue, it tells us a lot about your health.  We are looking […] more

Acupuncture And Forehead Wrinkles

  Acupuncture and face lifts, it is really not about lifting the face, it is about ironing out the wrinkles.  Acupuncture can quickly relax the tight muscles on your face and flatten out your skin.   Acupuncture relaxes tight muscles.  That is how it treats pain, that is how it treats wrinkles.   You do […] more